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Remember back in good ol' grade school, you got to share what you loved with the whole class! Well, Boutique Frenzy wants to give you that opportunity once more! New items will be shared Monday thru Friday! Share your passions, and lay your eyes on others' passions! It's Show & Tell Time!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Laundry and Embrace Your Space!

Sorry for not posting a Show & Tell yesterday, life got crazy! To make it up to you, I am posting 2 today!!!

The first one is shared by Jaime Randall of Baby Laundry. Baby Laundry's goal is to bring you cute and unique baby items such as Minky Blankets at a GREAT price. They specialize in the softest and cutest minky baby blankets around by using Minky Designer Fabrics. They are continually updating with new styles, so please check their website often to find the best deals.

Baby Laundrey also has Minky Swaddlers, Minky Burp Cloths, Cuddle Size Minky Blankets and Adult size Minky Throws!

You can contact Baby Laundry at:

Look How Cute!!! I just want to snuggle up right next to that cute baby and blanket!
Go to their website now to see all of the fun styles and patterns!

The next Show & Tell today is by Evelin Turner, Professional Organizer of Embrace Your Space, Professional Organizing Services!

Evelin is a Licensed and Insured Certified Professional Organizer in Saratoga Springs. She primarily offers organizing services but because most of her clients are busy moms and home business owners she is now also offering personal assistant services to help lighten the load! As an organizer she pays extra attention to detail and genuinely loves helping people!
Check out this before and after:

“I will forever be grateful for all that Evelin has taught me! Before I met Evelin, I felt overwhelmed with my space and my stuff. I didn’t know how to manage it, and I felt completely out of control. She walked me through the process step-by-step, teaching me important principles along the way. I was so grateful to have her by my side, supporting me through all of the decisions that had to be made!” -Kelli B. Saratoga Springs, Utah

Sounds awesome huh? I need to get me some of that!

You can find out more on Evelin's website at or call her at 801-703-7310. Getyourself and household organized!

If you are ready to reclaim you space, check out the services that Embrace Your Space has to offer!

Thanks for sharing Baby Laundry and Embrace Your Space!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beachy Keen!

Today, Karen Ungerman, founder of Rock Moon Boutique, is sharing her beautiful bead work!

Karen's info:
"I am originally from FLorida, which kind of shows in my work. My designs just come out looking beachy, whether I plan it or not! I am married to an F-16 pilot based at Hill AFB in Utah. I have a degree in molecular biology, but realized that doesn't really fit our lifestyle with children and my husband gone so much. I also have PKD (polycystic kidney disease) and am slowly going into kidney failure (I have 20% total function now),which makes it even harder to try to work in my degree field. I grew up in a very "artsy" family, so maybe this was just the natural thing to fall into. So, when my husband was gone on a deployment to Iraq - Rock Moon Boutique ( was born."

Karen currently lives in South Ogden, Utah with her husband and two children (Austin 12, Lena 3).

Look at her beautiful work:

Karen has entered her work in a competition for a supply company called Fire Mountain Gems. They are a huge supply company. This is her first competition, but would be interested in more local ones. She is competing to get her piece (shown below) published in their catalogue and website, as well as a certain amount of money awarded toward their product.She is also waiting to hear back about it possibly being published in a magazine as well. Good Luck Karen!

Go to Karen's website to see more and buy! Thanks for sharing Karen!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lovely Tutus!

Today, Kendahl Andrade, creator of Pomegranate and Pink, is sharing her SO CUTE TUTUS! You can check out Kendahl's website, to see more! Any little girl would love to have one of these! I know I would if I were 20 years younger!!!

Pomegranate and Pink tutus are made out of non-flammable, 100% nylon tulle. Kendahl hand-ties each one. Prices range from $14 to $22, depending on size, length, and additional options like ribbon-wrapped waist, 'bling', etc. All pictured tutus are the basic $14 tutus.

Kendahl absolutely loves custom orders, and will happily do any combination or creation the customer wants. You can contact Kendahl by going to her website above, or e-mail her at

Thanks so much for sharing Kendahl!!!

It's Time For Some Show & Tell!

Today Angie Kirby is sharing her wash cloth pie slices and whole pies, and goody bags for kids with chalk boards ( kids love them!)

Here are the pie slices, and pie, they are $2.25 a slice or a pie of 10 slices for $22.00. Each piece contains goodies, the pink ones in this one have a nail polish , lip gloss, body spray and wash cloth, the purple ones have nail polish and file in one and the other has a nail polish and lip gloss, the white ones one has a lip gloss and lotion, and the other has a shower gel and lip gloss, the blue ones have lip gloss and bubble bath in one and the other has a lip gloss and body spray, the green ones have skin vitamin for eyes ( lotion) and lip gloss in one and the other has lip gloss and nail polish. ( COLORS MAY VARY ANGIE WILL TRY AND MATCH COLORS TO THE BEST OF HER ABILITY).

The goody bags come in a variety of patterns, I have the blue with white and red stars, the red with blue and white stars, Thomas the Tank , Care Bears, and lady bugs. They all have a small chalk board on them and come with 2 pieces of chalk.... So fun the kids at the party can have fun for hours. Will come with a felt eraser as well. These are $1.25 and Angie will do discounts of 10 or more!

Angie also makes diaper and towel cakes, " milk shakes" ( they are wash clothes, onsies, and socks in a shake cup), and wash cloth cupcakes.

You can find more of Angie Kirby's fun products at Consign Design booth #2 (3556 South 5600 West, West Valley City, Utah 84120). Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Or you can email Angie at

Thanks for sharing Angie!!!

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