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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Time For Some Show & Tell!

Today Angie Kirby is sharing her wash cloth pie slices and whole pies, and goody bags for kids with chalk boards ( kids love them!)

Here are the pie slices, and pie, they are $2.25 a slice or a pie of 10 slices for $22.00. Each piece contains goodies, the pink ones in this one have a nail polish , lip gloss, body spray and wash cloth, the purple ones have nail polish and file in one and the other has a nail polish and lip gloss, the white ones one has a lip gloss and lotion, and the other has a shower gel and lip gloss, the blue ones have lip gloss and bubble bath in one and the other has a lip gloss and body spray, the green ones have skin vitamin for eyes ( lotion) and lip gloss in one and the other has lip gloss and nail polish. ( COLORS MAY VARY ANGIE WILL TRY AND MATCH COLORS TO THE BEST OF HER ABILITY).

The goody bags come in a variety of patterns, I have the blue with white and red stars, the red with blue and white stars, Thomas the Tank , Care Bears, and lady bugs. They all have a small chalk board on them and come with 2 pieces of chalk.... So fun the kids at the party can have fun for hours. Will come with a felt eraser as well. These are $1.25 and Angie will do discounts of 10 or more!

Angie also makes diaper and towel cakes, " milk shakes" ( they are wash clothes, onsies, and socks in a shake cup), and wash cloth cupcakes.

You can find more of Angie Kirby's fun products at Consign Design booth #2 (3556 South 5600 West, West Valley City, Utah 84120). Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Or you can email Angie at

Thanks for sharing Angie!!!

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